Restoring Parangarahu Lakes Area

The lakes block (now known as the Parangarahu Lakes Area) was returned to the Park in 2004 when a grazing licence to a local farmer expired.  The land was to be left to regenerate naturally, but substantial human modification of the land surrounding the lakes as far back even as pre-European times has meant there is no close seed source to feed that regeneration.  In the short term the inevitable scenario will be extensive areas of hard gorse.
Ecologist Geoff Park prepared a restoration plan which proposed plots which will be planted with trees to provide a seed source that birds will spread to surrounding areas of gorse.
A MIRO nursery has been established to grow eco-sourced native trees for these planting plots.  Tasks include seed collection, propagation, potting, weeding and general maintenance of the nursery.  Work parties are held twice monthly on Fridays.
Plantings in the Parangarahu Lakes Area take place a couple of times a year in the winter months.  So far nearly 2000 trees have been planted in the first two plots.

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